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The Bintangs from Beverwijk were originally named Rocket Dynes and Black Phantoms. They didn’t only become known for their rough, smoky Hoogoven-born sound, but also for their great number of line-up changes. In the 60’s, especially in the province of Noord-Holland, they had a firm following, which, in the cities of Beverwijk and Haarlem, manifested itself in posters plastered on many walls and even a gigantic gas tank with their name painted on it. Once at the Kennemer Theater, which was the place for open-air appearances at the time, the whole floor was crushed and demolished into pieces by the over-enthusiastic fans. Despite this, the Bintangs (Malay for “stars”) remained one of the most underrated groups in the Netherlands.

This is the most complete summary of the group’s members: Drums: Nono Piepelenbos (59) Rob Wijsters (59-60) Fred Maas (60) Gerry Ottenvanger (60) Leo van Olfen (60) Jimmy Jansen (60-63) Henk van Besu (63-66) Peter de Leeuwe (66-67, ex-Hottlets & Moans, to Los Zomos & Ekseption) Frans Kroon (67, ex-Hamlets) Henk van Norden (67-68) Hermke Klaasen (68, ex-Blues Vocation) Harry Schierbeek (68, to Kraayeveld) Aad Hooft (68-74, to Oscar Benton) Harry Schierbeek (74).

Guitar: Klaas Holtkamp (59-60, ex-Sky Rockets) Meine Fernhout (59-68, ex-Garred Boys) Piet Maas (60-62) Peter de Leeuwe (65, ex-Hottlets, to Moans and back as drummer) Jan Wijte (65-66 and 69-70) Gus Pleines (68-69) Rob van Donselaar (70-74, to Benton) Jack van Schaik (74).

Solo Guitar: Arthy Kraayeveld (59-68, ex-Garred Boys) Jan Wijte (68-69) Arthy (69-70, then to Kraayeveld) Jan Wijte (70-72) Rob ten Bokum (72-74, ex-Panda, to Blue Eyed Bluesband) Jaap Castricum (74-75, to Dais and Arthy Kraayeveld) Ben de Bruin (75, ex-Rob Hoeke and Flash & Dance Band), Albert Schiebeek (ex-Kraayeveld).

Keyboards: Jan Wijte (67-69) Rob van Donselaar (69-74) Jaap Castricum (74-75). Bass: Frank Kraayeveld (69-70, ex-Sky Rockets) James Schab (60-62) Ronald Krom (70-74, ex-Turquoise) Frank Kraayeveld (74).

Vocals: Arthy (59-60, 62-64, 67-68 & 74) Rob Wijsters (60-62) Wil Nimisz (64-66) Gus Pleines (66-72, ex-Hottlets) James Walker (67) Frank Kraayeveld (67-70) Nico Taihutu (68, ex-Blues Vocation, to Uzi) Rob Kruisman (72-74, ex-Panda and Modesty Blaise, to Supersister), Gus (74). Harmonica: Wil Nimisz (64-66) Gus Pleines (66-67, 68-72 and 74) Jan Wijte (67-68).

Flute: Jan Wijte (66-72, to Cockney Pride) Charles van der Steeg (72-74, ex-John the Revelator) Rob Kruisman (72-74). Diversen: Fred Maas (perc, 60-62) Bill Tromp (perc, 60-62) Rob van Donselaar (steel, 69-70) Charles van der Steeg (s, 72-74, to Cuby & The Blizzards) Rob Kruisman (s, 72-74).

1965  You can't judge a book by looking at the cover/I'm a man
						Muziek Expres Opart 1002
1966  Walking the boogie/Groovin'		1008
      Splendid sight/60 $ boss			Yep 1012
1967  Pileworks/See me waiting girl		Injection TAR 61003
      Please do listen/No blame			61009
1969  Smokestack lightning/Blues on the ceiling Decca AT 10379
      Riding on the L & N/Down south blues	10402
      LP Blues on the ceiling			XBY 846514
1970  Travelling in the USA/Hound is on the run AT 10416
      He didn't wanna go home/The dying of Mr.Fernandez
      Liontamer/Too much 			6100006
      LP Travelling in the USA			6419001
1971  I'm on my own again/Demons		6100033
      The bride/Hold it Susie/Juvenile junkie	6100057
1972  You got love/Hello goodbye		6100068
      We're gonna make it/Well then it's alright
      LP Ridin' with the Bintangs		6454420
1973  Hey dupes/Blue funk			Warner Bros WB 16263
      LP Down south blues			Decca PD 12032
1974  Wait/I been hoodood			Negram NG 410
1975  Open and busted/Insight inside out	RCA YHPBO 0901
      LP Genuine bull				AYDL 10982
1977  Diane/Big black tank (limited edition)
      LP Travelling in the USA (re)		Decca 6440677
      LP Bintangs				PHILIPS 6410 955
1979  LP NIGHTFIGHTERS                       	ARIOLA 200525
1980  LP MICKEY FINN                            ARIOLA 202119
1981  LP STILL GOING STRONG                     ARIOLA 204348  

[08-11-1969]^12*9	RIDIN' ON THE L & N     Bintangs
[31-01-1970]^9*9	TRAVELLING IN THE USA   Bintangs
[27-06-1970]^35*2	HE DIDN'T WANNA GO HOME Bintangs
[15-05-1971]^32*4	I'M ON MY OWN AGAIN     Bintangs  

Compact Discs:
Live-File 2-CD	                                Universe CDSP - 8808 1986 (1985)
Travellin' In The USA/Ridin' With The Bintangs  Decca 836356-21988 - 1988 (1972-77 comp.)
Ruby Red Hot                                    Bananas/Pias - 9970572 1995 (1995)
Dynamite Night                                  Bananas/Sony - 483937-2 1996 (1996)

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